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(Jennifer Daniel - Wife of late Keith Daniel)

Keith Daniel

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The A.E.B. Convention Speaker to Women (Jenny Daniel, wife of late Keith Daniel – who passed away on the 06 

March 2021) 

A Brief Resume of the late Keith and (widow) Jenny Daniel’s Ministry

As a young preacher, over fifty years ago, the late Keith Daniel felt a deep conviction to devote himself to the memorization of God’s Sacred Word, using the King James Authorized Version. This discipline eventually enabled him to quote by memory entire books of the Bible and many doctrinally related passages, comparing Scripture with Scripture, as sermons. Although he preached other messages using true illustrations, the thrust of his ministry has been to quote God’s unadulterated Word, unapologetically! This opened pulpits across South Africa and many other countries. He has toured the USA thirty-three times, preaching in Special Outreaches and Conventions in almost every State. Many people from across the world have found salvation as a result of his videoed messages being viewed on the YouTube and other Christian Websites on the internet. There are over a hundred of his Scripture-quoting sermons, many of which have already been uploaded onto the internet. A list with the titles of these sermons will soon D.V. be made available on his website. His wife Jenny has addressed many ‘Ladies Conventions’ and ‘Special Women’s Outreaches’ in South Africa and across the USA. Six of her published books have been widely spread by Evangelical Movements and Churches. Many of her videoed messages to women are available on numerous Christian Websites and YouTube.

For those who have kindly requested information of how to support Jenny Daniel’s ministry to women financially, details are given below. She is truly grateful to God for all who faithfully pray for them and also for those who feel led to support them financially.

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