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Working together by Prayer!

We welcome you to join a team of supporters who make Bible Based Christian Outreach possible in prisons, hospitals, slums, schools, hostels as well as churches via preaching, testimonies, singing, literature as well as the Internet. This includes direct outreach as well as children’s, women and family camps in  South Africa, Namibia, and to a lesser degree Lesotho, Botswana as well as other African countries. Be part of the realization of our online ministries as well as a convention speaker department to conferences in various countries with a focus on the gospel, spiritual growth, practical spiritual growth, prayer, and spiritual warfare. You can make a difference by prayer, or by a kind even small gift towards this work. Only God can do an eternal work in the hearts of men, women, and children. If you know God, through Jesus Christ and love His word, please pray for us. It means more than you can know. 

Only one life, twill soon be past, only what is done for Christ willl last – C T Studd

After 2 years of Bible based training our missionaries are sent out to do evangelism and missions work across various cultural backgrounds and within the scope of over 15 languages (often with interpreters). Please pray for this young band, and the older Christians who lead and guide them in God’s work.

You Can Make a Difference!

Pray for us

People who do not believe in prayer, do not believe in God. We covet earnestly the prayers of the saints looking to God in mercy to work mightily through this little ministry.

Lift Weary Arms

It means so much when you write a letter or phone a Christian worker to tell them of your prayer for them. It will mean more than you could know and this often in past has been God’s timing to encourage a preacher to keep on preaching God’s word.

Financial Support

To print tracts, drive places to preach, hold camps and much more – your gift of even a small amount can make a huge difference in make possible Christian outreach to many people, cultures and lands in an impactful life changing way.

Prisons + Hospitals
70.00 m

What does your support do?

Your contribution makes several things possible. At the base is the foundation you lay of being able to pay for base costs of amenities, fuel, and a small salary to Christian workers. Beyond that much more becomes possible including camps, far reaching outreach, translation of books and tracts into many languages, outreach to hundreds of towns as well as many various Christian Projects including radio, podcast, websites and targeted truth spreading via various means.

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