AEB Prayer Requests

Please Pray for Us

Evangelists and missionaries are in Namibia, South Africa, and work in Botswana, Lesotho, and Swaziland.

1) Pray for the spiritual lives of each worker. Pray they stay true to God and His word.

2) Pray for the outreaches to schools, orphanages, prisons, slums, streets, hostels and churches.

3) Pray for the camps they hold for families, women, and youth. Pray for online live conventions.

4) Pray for Glenvar Bible College for the students and staff.

5) Pray for the Bible correspondence course and Pilgrim magazine that touches many lives, including many prisoners.

6) Pray for the many who do donkey work behind the scenes to make the work above / below possible.

7) Pray for those who pray for us.

8) Pray for our online media websites (Over 20 000 free media files) and email programs to thousands of churches providing illustrations for their sermons. Pray for the recordings for radio stations, including the poetry of Jennifer Daniel, short messages, testimonies and entire series. Pray for the Media department that distributes for free as well as resale excellent Bible-based DVDs, books, tracts, etc. that they produce

9) Pray for the A.E.B. book shops that God will bless their work in spreading truth through literature. Pray God will help them to survive in severe economic conditions.

10) Pray for God in mercy to provide for the health, emotional and physical needs of the Christian workers, including for equipment and monthly obligations, as well as travel costs.