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Glenvar Bible College trains students from various backgrounds to witness, preach, and counsel. There is an emphasis on faith, obedience, and the attributes of God. The College covers every book of the Bible in their course and many other subjects. It is conservative and evangelical based and is in Cape Town, South Africa. Students attend the College on a 2-year full-time cycle ( excluding short holidays). The students reach out to hospitals, slums, schools, prisons, orphanages, and do street preaching in a respectful yet convicting manner. They bring the gospel and other Bible truths in various languages in South Africa and tour to other countries. A minimal fee is required of them each term (3 months), and many costs rely on God’s kind people sponsoring them and the students. Many of their buildings require repair, and there are many equipment needs. Lastly, there are needs where students cannot afford their fees.

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